Pulpit Rock on the Mornington Peninsula is (in my opinion) a little known and underrated bushwalking nook found at the base of Cape Schank lighthouse. I first wondered at the sight of Pulpit rock on an earlier trek from Bushrangers Bay, where the rock could be seen from the ridge-line while approaching the lighthouse. It’s the usual story with such an unusual rock formation; volcanic fury, bubble and brimstone many millenia ago followed by lashings of wind, waves, rain and lightning. I’m not saying that lightning shaped the rock but who knows? Besides it makes for a great mental picture. The rock platform which the pulpit sits on is surrounded by and often inundated by raging torrents of white water. This platform is also known as the Devil’s Desk, I can only assume that the devil doesn’t own a laptop as water and electronics don’t go together that well. I found this out for myself when my drone emergency landed in the channel of water which cuts the Pulpit off from the mainland.


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