This trek takes in a circa 240km circuit loop beginning at Bright, working upwards out of the Buckland Valley, winding through some spectacular ridge line scenery – with no-one else in sight – before reemerging nearby to Mt Hotham. A short shuffle on the bitumin is necessary before making the final ascent for the Blue Rag Range peak off, funnily enough, the Blue Rag Range Track, quite a mouthful. Unlike the previous 200km odd journey the Blue Rag Range Track is very popular and that’s an understatement. Be patient and prepared to share the peak with plenty of other 4WD enthusiasts, it seems like the Blue Rag has built quite a reputation for itself. Recommending an overnighter at The Skyline Hotel in Harrietville, just make sure you get the pro stick when facing up on the pool table and don’t talk for too long about “buttons” on the couch, it freaks the locals out.


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