Mitchell River National Park is located in the southern Victorian Alps region smack dab between Lindenow (to look like a local prounounced as Linde-know, otherwise as it reads) and Dargo. The river starts out from the confluence of the Wonnangatta and Dargo Rivers and terminates at Jones Bay within the Gippsland Lakes.

The parks drawcard is its self-titled river which meanders through gorges and rock escarpments that shelter an array of biodiversity including pockets of temperate rainforest.

The Mitchell River, two-day walk of roughly 21-23kms, give or take for side ventures, starts out at Angusvale Camp Ground and finishes at the culturally significant Den of Nargun and Deadcock Den. With moss underfoot and ancient trees wrapping their gnarly tentacles across the rock strewn surface, you get an immediate appreciation for why indigenous clans gathered here for ceremony.

A spectacular hike whose three highlights – Slalom Falls, The Amphitheatre & Den of Nargun –  can be accessed by vehicle just as well by foot.