Through sheep pastoral plains, swaying grass trees and rocky, clifftop peaks this is the southern most tip of the Grand Ol’ Granite Dame.

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Sunday night Survivor is about to start

Freerange lamb

Sturgeon watching on

All i can think on this one is “Waltzing Matilda”

Mt Sturgeon Homestead

Ever get that sinking feeling like you just don’t fit in?

An epic ol gnarly red

Wannon creek looking a bit eerie

Great examples of River Red Gums all around this area

Wannon river splitting the middle of Dunkeld Pastoral pastures

Grass trees guarding the slopes of Mt Sturgeon

Dunkeld race track

Sunrise pointing out the east-west line

Five star resort in the back blocks of Dunkeld

Mt Abrupt receiving a sunrise hug

Good morning Dun-keld!

Dunkeld township in the middle-ground

Looking back on Mt Sturgeon across the river flats