A steady, flat walk amongst coastal Banksias leads the way to Bushrangers Bay. Sweeping farmlands fringe Main Creek on the left as you approach with the Mornington Peninsula National Park on your right. Native birds are prolific amongst the flowering Banksia as the noise of the road recedes into the background.

Bushrangers Bay has a hint of Walkerville South about it with plenty of rock on the beach and looming cliff faces. A large rock anvil can be climbed on the left side of beach with worthwhile views of the waves crashing below.

Cape Schanck is another 2.5kms further West along the coastal track from the beach. Sweeping views of the lighthouse point can be enjoyed along the way, with an easy walk to Pulpit rock at its base.

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Soldier on solderine

The Sperm Whale rock – private not public nickname

Dave quietly contemplating the Sperm Whale rock

Pulpit rock seen off the point of Cape Schanck

A photographers paradise. Just missing a cloked figure with sickle in hand.

Hereford’s having a day out in early Spring pasture

The distinctive Banksia tree

A Banksia seed shell

Magical weather on the Bushrangers Bay trail. 21-degrees, no wind and blue skies.

Lichen hanging onto the rocks like a leprechaun’s beard.

Three lads exploring the rock pools

Better found here then in my garden

An unusual mat of colour in the rock bed

Bushrangers Bay beach from the Sprem Whale’s tail.

Bit suggestive

Love is on the sperm whale