CIRCUIT WALK: 16km | GRADE: Easy but dull on West Side of Mount (watch video for recommendation on alternate walk | ENVIRONMENT: Box Gums & Sandstone cliffs.

With the Grampians located an hour south-east towards Melbourne it would be easy to assume that little foot traffic finds it’s way past to Mt Arapiles. Not so in the rock-climbing community, this destination is as popular with rope crawlers as you would be led to believe. A beautiful mural defined by deep shades of orange, yellow, and white sandstone whose bauble surface has been drawing, an ever increasing number of climbers since the 70’s.

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Mt Arapiles waking up to a little shot of sunshine.

Quick, someone strum some Slim Dusty and fetch a stubby from the Matilda. A long dusty road leading onto Mt Arapiles.

The Mitre Rock looking like a wisdom tooth stuck out by itself from the Arapiles jawline.

Unwanted visitors. Snails on a cropper fence post.

The circuit trail leading away from the Pines camping ground.

A bee getting dismantled and returned to the earth.

An old box gum’s unique bark pattern.

This tree can talk on a full moon night after one or two whisky’s.

Climber spotting on the remarkably colourful face of Mt Arapiles.

The big bow of Mt Arapiles as seen from across the stubble paddock.

The Mitre Silo’s with Mt Arapiles warming up to some dawn light.

Looking through the gap across the Wimmera Plains from Mitre Rock.

Clambering up the gap at Mitre Rock.

The view from Mitre Rock toward Mt Arapiles.

Rock climbers traversing the bubbled face of Mt Arapiles.

A crag for climbers of all abilities or so I was told.

Look to the centre lower third, there I am after a free climb descent from the top. The Easter Bunny greeted me at the bottom where we ate chocolate eggs on a magic carpet.


A most fearsome, terrifyingly ugly drop-bear at Dadswells Bridge – some sort of town name that.

** All images above available for purchase. Type “Mt Arapiles” into search images box of galleries window.