WALK: 9km | GRADE: She’s flat jack | ENVIRONMENT: Riverside eucalyptus scrub

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A short hop, skip and a jump from Melbourne’s CBD, Yarra Bend’s parklands encompass scenic, riverside landscapes as the Yarra River snakes its way through Melbourne’s green wedge.

Highlights include the Collingwood Children’s Farm, views from the Yarra Boulevard of the city skyline, Studley Park and Fairfield Boathouse, Dights Falls, various historical beacons and the Yarra Bend bat colony.

Chop the walk up for a leisurely stroll or go the full hog and make a day of it, just pack the wallet for a coffee at the boathouse/s.

Tom Sawyer Sunday’s on ol’ Lady Yarra.                      

Straight up yo

The Abbots House

Up the bank without a paddle.

Collingwood Children’s Farm Market and the Melbourne Skyline.

Studley Park Boathouse.

How are those old gob-stopper machines? Golden.

Kane’s Bridge. Who was that bloke?

Rat of the skies.

Why the long face?

Calf flex.

Row, row, row your boat gently down the Yarra.

Looks like an Omeo commercial.

A sacred stick? No. Just a stick.

I’m guessing this was what trigonometry was for.

Peeping Tom.

The Gaspipe bridge, clearly not designed for a cyclist, photographer and a tripod. That’s exactly what this man’s facing is saying to me.

Ol school golf club.

Hot Chilli Pepper style.

Bat Guam heaven.

You carry that bedsheet everywhere?

Goodnight Melbourne, sweet dreams.