WALK: 4km | GRADE: Moderate for steepness of climb in closing sections | ENVIRONMENT: Exposed rock faces and scrub

Mount Stapylton is a rocky fortress located on the northern most fringe of the Grampians. The poorer cousin to more frequented areas such as Wonderland and the Balconies, doesn’t pack the same knockout view but as an overall hiking package combines variety of scenery to be every bit their equal.

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Guarding the camera equipment from carnivorous drop-bears is such a daunting English experience.

Charging the rock face.

Miniature landscapes everywhere you look up on the saddle.

Lava flow rock.

Looks a bit like that rock fellow from “The Never Ending Story”.

Dappled cloud cover forms a patchwork quilt of light looking north toward Horsham.

Beautiful colour in the rock face of the Taipan wall.

A cocky sticking out like hen’s teeth on the Taipan wall.

Cave mouth looking all set for a night time camp.

Walk is littered with interesting rock features.

Taking a break in the shade of a cave while Marcus finds any excuse to talk about Grass reproduction.

Spacing out on the cheddar cheese interior of this rock cave.

Looking east across prime grazing and growing soil of Western Victoria.

Marcus delicately fondling some fresh picked grass.

Returning to the carpark past the Taipan Wall and Mount Stapylton.