WALK: 19km | GRADE: Easy | ENVIRONMENT: Riverbanks & grassy woodland

Dog walkers, horse-riders, scooters, canoeists, kayakers, gold fossickers, naturalists; it’s all here for lovers of the great outdoors.

This full day walk between Pound Bend and Blue Tongue Bend can be chopped up into segments for the time deprived walker. Pound bend is spectacular unto itself and the Warrandyte riverwalk is one of the best in Melbourne with the pooch in tow (just make sure you’re picking up any doo-doos).

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Looking upstream from beneath a big old oak.

Getting good hang time on the oak.

Juicy, lush colours reflect into the Yarra as the morning sun rises.

Seat with view beneath the Peppercorn tree.

A Yarra sauna.

This was a popular spot for Heidelberg artist, Clara Southern to paint her canvases.


A face only a mother could love.

Through the scrub at Pound Bend.

Crimson Rosella puffing the plumage during a light shower.

Snow capped mushroom?

Pacific black ducks preening themselves in the late afternoon light.

Water gushing out of Pound Bend tunnel on the cityside.

Pound bend a popular spot for picnicking families.

The miners diversion – Pound Bend Tunnel.

Looking down on Pound Bend from above the tunnel exit.

Unusual rock colour and shapes beside Pound Bend tunnel.

Pacific blackie foraging for worms.

Never floated the tunnel, will tick that box over the Summer.

Where there’s a will, nature will find a way.

Funky rock colour, patterns beside Pound Bend tunnel.

Family of roos at Pound Bend reserve.

Life a plenty at Taroona Reserve beach.

Summer blossom on the Yarra.

Cracking day to be on the trail with Fido.

The Yarra benefitting from early Summer rains.

Early morning peep through the oak branches.

Royal blue skies over the Yarra River, Warrandyte.

** All images above available for purchase. Type “Warrandyte” into search images box of galleries window.