Situated within 30-minutes drive of bicycle mad, Forrest township, this hike takes in the serene and eerily, mysterious waters of Lake Elizabeth. Eerie for the dead Mt Ash tree trunks which rise from it’s surface and mysterious for…well exactly the same reason.

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Soft tree fern looking like a spider web in black and white.

West Barwon River makes its way toward Forrest amongst a sea of green.

West Barwon River trickles under the footbridge.

A fern unveiling new fronds for the Summer.

Darkened fern walkway on the high side of lake.

Lake Elizabeth water markers.

Branches stretch like tentacles in search of the sun.

Walkway at the swamp end of lake.

The Beach at Lake Elizabeth.

Soft tree ferns holding out the light.

Canoeists taking in the serene surrounds of Lake Elizabeth.

Lake Elizabeth as dusk approaches.

Canoes ready to roll out from the jetty.

Koala limbering up for a feed.

Limbered up and tucking in.

Modelling session down by the lake.

Dead trees at the swamp end of Lake Elizabeth.

Old service road off the main trail.

Looking back toward the jetty.

Trail looping through the swamp end of lake.