The greatest trick the Swiss franc ever pulled was convincing you he was still in your wallet.

The first thing I noticed about Switzerland was the cash. Fantastically vibrant and…quick to disappear. No sooner has a wad of technicolour Swiss francs safely nestled themselves into my cowhide, then, like a bad Penn and Teller trick, va-moosh! Gone. Public toilet, coffee, train ticket, another train ticket, a tasty cervelat, Swiss tea-towel – hang on where’s all the money gone to pay for this. At first I thought Mod was skimming the supply but she was quick to point out up to a third of our meagre Aussie dollar was lost in exchange and the rest was due to healthy commercial instincts. Well that’s capitalism, charge what people are willing to pay, even if I were a begrudging participant.

The Swiss ability to turn a dollar or more appropriately a franc is illustrated by the countries absolutely, phenomenal, transport infrastructure. As an Australian it’s well worth the time to take a long train ride into the Alps or hire a car and have someone else drive so you’re free to ogle at the sheer scale of dramatic engineering that peppers the landscape in the form of bridges, dam walls, tunnels, gondoliers and train tracks. This single observation is enough to motivate us for a return trip with a ticket on the Glacier Express. Lonely Planet summarises this experience; “It’s among the world’s most mythical train rides, linking two of Switzerland’s glitziest Alpine resorts…floor to ceiling windows…traverses 91-tunnels and 291 bridges.” Right where do we go to sign-up and how do I remortgage the house?

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Swiss man illustrating where all last night’s francs disappeared to.

Got a funny feeling I now know where Pixar got their inspiration for WALL-E from.

They sure know how to build an attic level window here. Zurich pictured here just after sunrise.

Quite possibly the plainest building in Switzerland by a long, long way. Such a contrast as to be worthy of a photo.

WARNING: Do not chop up public transport seating for firewood. Clearly need to ban the saw tool on the Swiss Army Knife.

Where padlocks go to die. One day I’ll find the place for odd socks.

Superlative views from Felsenegg Restaurant, Zurich. They can make restaurants commercially viable in the most unlikely places here.

Gnarly little beer table.

Don’t be late, the train drivers sure never are.

Lady contemplating her veggie crop beside the ice, cool water of the Aare River.

Charming scene from yesteryear in Bern.

Recovering from shock after purchasing our first train ticket.

Hard to ever get used to the spectacular views from these gondolas which criss-cross to peaks from the Alp valley’s.

No time for any kind of swaying shenanigans here.

Chips away.

The backyard of Pilatus. Absolutely spectacular 360º views.

Zurich botanical gardens, can’t recommend, this was the highlight.

Serious kipping.

Ganymede and Zeus discussing the charge for a flight to Mt Olympus.

Young Swiss blokes wearing their medallion safety vests.